At launch, you uncover the laptop or computer has deleted all targeting information for your weapons. Presented with NORAD style strategic displays, you watch the

trajectory from the missile track across the globe as you frantically retarget your weapon systems and prepare for your enemy's attack. Do you strike prior to or immediately after the enemy launches its 1st wave? Do you target for military, industrial, or civilian targets? Perhaps some combination? You watch enemy strikes against your homeland and also the casualties grow to staggering proportions as you try to deter or conquer the enemy before you decide to are fully destroyed. The war has begun as well as your nation's destiny, even the destiny of the globe, is inside your hands.

Ask for International Thermonuclear War: $34.95 at your local dealer or order direct. Visa, MasterCard, Income Orders, Checks accepted (Calif, residents please add 6-1/2% sales tax), foreign orders add 15%, U.S. currency only. Dealer inquiries invited.

Global Thermonuclear War? is offered for your IBM Pc or XT (64K, disk drive), Apple II + or Ile (48K, disk drive, DOS three.three), Commodore 64 (cassette or disk drive), Atari 400 and 800 (48K, disk drive). Joystick play optional in every single version. TRS-80 version to become released soon.

Starfire Games

Division Omnisoft Corporation

Dept cartier replica watch . B1, 9960 Owensmouth Avenue, Suite 32 Chatswonth, CA 91311

Worldwide Thermonuclear War! (Feb, 1984)

Shall we play a

Global Thermonuclear War!

A fast-action, high-strategy game with full color graphics, fascinating animation , and realistic sound effects. Capabilities incorporate HAL replica cartier swiss ? cartier watch imitation speech synthesis (devoid of special hardware), choice to play as enemy or defender, and major ten score display.

Action begins with you in the controls from the Defense Command Laptop. A random error causes the Pc to secure your nation's defense for complete scale nuclear attack. You've 30 seconds prior to the very first ICBM is launched at your enemy's capital. Decipher the key code for aborting missile launch or prepare to fight Planet War III.

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